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The Cat's Maw - Concept Art

TIMELINE:  Current – 2016

PLATFORM:  Print / Enhanced E-Books / Adventure Gaming

GENRE:  Children’s Fantasy (ages 8-12+)

PROPOSAL:  An original transmedia IP for readers / players / cat lovers

What if CS Lewis had a firm grasp on the principles of multi-platform storytelling when he was crafting The Chronicles of Narnia?  What if JRR Tolkien had forged the realm of Middle Earth in the age of tablets and videogames?  Imagine JK Rowling releasing serials in the Harry Potter series, knowing full well that readers could also indulge in active adventures and revealing explorations of Harry’s world in parallel to the main story?

Story universes like these endure due to a mix of fascinating characters, masterful world-building, and archetypal narrative arcs that strike deep emotional chords with readers around the world, and across generations.  These tales have shaped the perceptions, value systems, and mythic understandings of millions – almost solely thanks to the power of the written word.

So…what could be possible by crafting a transmedia strategy into the DNA of a traditional narrative from the outset?  Could children go deeper into the emotive, educational, and even moral realms of a story?   Can a compelling multi-platform reader/player/user story design finally break into the mainstream?


Steeped in secret mythologies of the feline world, The Shadowland Saga fuses an inspired traditional narrative with a deep episodic adventure-game and character-creation mechanic.  Designed as a multi-platform serial narrative, the primary goal is for the experience to encourage readers to play, players to read, and all users to share in their growth and discoveries!


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