It’s birthday podcast time, my friends! And as this tale will show, doing something purely for yourself should happen more than once a year.

30 years ago, I first heard of the legendary 900km pilgrimage across Spain:

The legendary Camino De Santiago, otherwise known as The Way of St James.

10 years ago, after reading The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist by acclaimed author Paulo Coelho, I made the decision to walk it myself.

And then, in the summer of 2008 — with a huge career opportunity in the dust and nothing but a 20kg backpack as my companion — I flew to Paris. Then took a train down to southern France. And made the first steps on what would prove to be an epic, heart-expanding, and life-changing adventure

6 weeks and 900KM over the Pyrenees mountains, and across the breadth of a nation.

Pop in those earbuds, crack a cold one (or a bottle of Spanish red w/ olives and manchego, natch’), and settle in. It’s time for 40min of podcast fun as I recount the true tale of the myriad inspirations and after-effects of this incredible journey.


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