I was the proud creator of this exciting foray into the brave new world of ‘motion comics’, as well as the producer of the award-winning international 4-DVD set (Telefilm/FOX).

Everything about Broken Saints was a ‘hands on’ experience for me, including the smallest elements of brand identity, style, music/audio design, grant-writing, and multi-platform execution.

But it was a fevered passion for the concept, the tech-meets-spiritual themes, the troubled characters, and a uniquely cinematic presentation that set us apart on the post-9/11 internet. In fact, many believe that modern dramas like MR ROBOT and SENSE 8 have more than a little Saints in their DNA…and I wouldn’t disagree.

Our old-school grassroots marketing ended up reaching millions worldwide, and netted attention from the likes of WIRED Magazine, USA TODAY, The GUARDIAN, CBC, G4, CNN, NPR, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, and many more: