My fantasy/horror debut ‘for brave young readers and cat lovers of all ages‘ was released during the 2014 holiday season, and I honestly didn’t know if people would like it.

You see, I’m a fan of stories that seduce me. That lay out the puzzle on the proverbial table, and make me work for the answers. A tale that takes its time to reveal its true colours and murky depths.

But calling for patience in this frenzied digital age..?  That’s a recipe for literary indifference.

And this was why I was over the bloody moon when readers shared their raves and critics greeted The Cat’s Maw with a healthy measure of kindness. I was particularly pleased when one YA magazine described the story and style as ‘Narnia meets Stephen King…with CATS!’  Because that was my plan from the beginning 🙂

And then, flying in the face of all sober and modest expectations? The book began inching up the Amazon sales charts, and even snagged a few awards before the year was through!

  • BEST YA MYSTERY 2015 (Gelett Burgess Children’s Award)
  • JUNIOR FICTION MEDALIST 2015 (Moonbeam Children’s Award)
  • TOP SHELF HONOREE 2015 (VOYA Magazine)
  • AMAZON UK #1 eBook / AMAZON US #4 (Children’s Fantasy — March 2015)

The new edition paperback is available on Amazon. The ebook is everywhere. And the incredible new audiobook experience (excerpts attached in the above video) can now be downloaded via premium shops.

Oh…and the sequel is coming in 2017 😀

Find the One Who Hears Through the Veil of Tears

With the Fang o’ the Great Cat’s Maw…