fter a youth in eastern Canada spent daydreaming, reading, role-playing, and scribbling through plays and short stories, I officially started my jack-of-all-trades narrative career as a writer, producer, and voice director on AAA titles for software giant Electronic Arts. This period was a blessing on so many levels that, as a professional writer, I consider it my ‘Masters degree with pay’ to this day.

After several tours of duty as a writer/producer in the videogame trenches — and with the nascent awesomeness of the WWW beckoning — it was time to embark on my ‘Storytelling PhD’ as the writer/creator of the world’s first motion-comic epic: BROKEN SAINTS. Experienced by millions worldwide (over dial-up, no less!), this life-changing project let me run wild with a narrative vision, and gain immeasurable growth as a fiction writer for the digital age.

Nearly a decade later, I continue to consult as a writer for the videogame industry while acting as a consulting creative for all things transmedia, directing voiceover, speaking and lecturing, and creating exciting original IP on multiple platforms.

I’ve had a love affair with the written word for decades, and I like to think that that passion shines through in everything I write. Whether it’s a log-line, treatment, screenplay, game dialogue, comic script, book, or even a slick multi-tiered branding campaign? You can rest assured that I’ll be gunning for industry benchmarks, 5-star reviews, and inspiring a feeling of CONNECTION with the audience.

That’s why I launched this new site. To give friends and fans and potential collaborators a better idea of what I do, how I do it, and why. To put my favourite projects and videos and posts under one virtual roof, in the hopes of making that connection count. As a writer, yes…but also as a person, too.

I hope you enjoy your visit. I hope it inspires creative solutions. And I hope you’ll CONNECT to talk about your stories…

Because I’d love to help you tell them.


  • Best YA Mystery / Fiction Medalist
  • TELEFILM Grant Winner (x3)
  • Saskfilm/CMA Grant Winner
  • CNMA Producer of the Year
  • SUNDANCE Audience Award (Digital)


  • This Game Studio (AAA Mobile)
  • Telefilm Canada (multiple)
  • NBC/Universal Digital
  • 20th Century FOX Home Video


  • The Shadowland Saga 
  • The Pilgrimage (pilot)
  • Dance of the White Tiger (screenplay)
  • BECOMING (graphic novel)
  • Broken Saints (animation)