One dude’s raw and heartfelt ‘true story’ show — think EAT, PRAY, LOVE — but with music. And swearing. And moist towelettes (for the tears, you dirty birds).

SYNOPSIS: What happens when an award-winning writer bails on the cubicle barnyard, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into adventure, hedonism, and spiritual quests overseas?  After 7 years+ in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat’s Maw) shares this series of funny, strange, poignant, and painfully true tales of creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and so much more!


CREATOR: Brooke Burgess

GENRE(S): Personal Journals, Travel, Spirituality

DURATION: 20-30min per episode

SCHEDULE: 1-2 episodes per month

KEY PLATFORMS: iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher

MAIN SITEhttp://buddhaandtheslut.libsyn.com/


TWITTER: www.twitter.com/brokensaint

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/brokensaint

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/brokensaint


Launched in May 2017, the show originally ran on a bi-weekly schedule. But, when personal and professional commitments became tsunami-sized, I shifted to a monthly format.  I still try to offer an unique diet of engaging scripted stories, no-holds-barred rants, and exclusive interviews with creative cohorts — all while recording and editing ‘on the road’.

The new ‘season’ of B&tS is coming early FALL 2019, and will include:

‘How Dungeons and Dragons Revealed My True Character’

‘That Night I Sipped Mescaline…and Stopped Time’

‘Dating Wisdom From the One Who Said ‘No Way”

‘Of Bedbugs and Bowel Function — A Moroccan Adventure’

‘The Ballad of Black Tiger: Cats are (STILL) Better than People’

Legendary game producer: SCOTT BLACKWOOD (Need for Speed, SKATE)

Meanwhile, here are some featured/fan-favourite episodes:

  1. MY SECRET DRUG: From sugar and sex to…Beauty? Battling Depression with the power of art.

2. HUNGRY FOR MORE: After Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, some timely (and vodka-soaked) musings.

3. SHALL WE PLAY A GAME:  Hot times and a terrifying gamble on the shores of the Mekong…


I’ve been asked countless times to do a podcast. (Okay, maybe 50’ish…but that’s a LOT, right?)

Thing is, I kinda hated my voice. Which is surprising, considering how much I yammer. Turns out most folks disagreed. Vehemently. So at last, on one crisp winter’s morn’ on the Greek Isle of Rhodes, I sat down at the kitchen table with whisky in my coffee and began to talk…


It didn’t suck.

So, I started writing more stories. And recording most of them. And (finally) learning my way around Garageband. I brainstormed the show name with friends, hoping for something cheek and provocative that also conveyed the ‘contrarian’ vibe I was going for + my tendency towards extremes. (I’m a double-Gemini, after all)

Then I plunked down some theme music, got pal James Curcio to help w/ the ace cover art, and set the whole thing up over on LibsynAnd now, more than two years and 30 episodes later..?

Buddha and the Slut has become a celebrated romp of true travel tales, heart-wrenching personal rants, and smirk-filled listener Q&As ranging in length from 15-40 minutes an episode.


A CREW of ONE…ish

I write, produce, edit, and promote Buddha and the Slut in my spare time.

My cousin, Tobias Tinker, will occasionally toss me a new soundtrack bone.


Listeners can enjoy the show on all the usual podcast suspects including:

DOLLARS* and SENSE (stats)

The show averages approx 1000 listens per month between Libsyn-hosted downloads, Facebook listens, and YouTube streams.

60/40 split between men and women (according to Spotify):

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.17.32 PM

With a nice spread of listener age:

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.17.55 PM

Key listening hubs outside of North America (70% combined US and Canada) include the UK, Ireland, Australia, Romania, and Thailand.

*NOTE: The show is self-funded and produced. Occasionally, I’ll receive random acts of PayPal kindness, baked goods, and/or erotic phone-call offers.


The following is a smattering of reviews from bloggers, content curators, and listeners around the world.  The average rating for the show across platforms is 5 STARS, natch’ B)

BEST OF Genre Mentions (via PlayerFM – 2019 listings)

  • Backpacker/Travel Podcasts
  • Buddha/Buddhism Podcasts
  • Psychedelic/Shamanism Podcasts
  • Naughty/Explicit Podcasts

Honourable Mention (from Audible Feast – 10/20/2017)

Honourable Mention (from Podcastmaniac.com)

Burgess is an amazing storyteller. There are a ton of nostalgic mentions about the 70s and 80s, which I love. His choice of words, tone of voice, and pacing are all distinctly different from what you’ll hear in most podcasts (in the travel niche, or any other). Buckle your seat belt the first time you listen!

‘Masterful, engaging storytelling’ (by Federico Postino on Apple US)

Buddha and the Slut is a master storyteller unfiltered. A picturesque creation of his microworld. A jazz improvisation of mind and spirit. A rhapsodical, boisterous memoir. Contagious and infectious inn the best conceivable way. A rare and under-appreciated find.

‘A poetic exploration of spirituality’ (by levihersh on Apple Australia)

Brooke is a masterful storyteller who brings to life his past and his insights in a way that anyone can appreciate. Allow yourself to be drawn into his world and you will find yourself on a spiritual journey from the comfort of your lounge chair.

‘Eclectic inspiration’ (by Neelo46 on Apple Ireland)

Listen to the fascinating meandering musings of a maverick inspirational creative. Brooke Burgess is a legend. Those interested in the journey to mine the rich seam of a highly individualistic artistic vision, no matter what the cost should take note. No compromises, no holds barred, integrity drips from every syllable.

‘Things Both Wonderful and Strange’ (by ToolRoxMySox on STITCHER)

Ever wanted to share a Dos Equis with the most interesting man in the world?  Brooke Burgess shares a unique perspective on life, love (and lust), travel and spirituality in a way that only a master storyteller can.  Always entertaining, always intelligent, always surprisingly honest and poignant…definitely a favourite.

‘If Tucker Max and Eckhart Tolle had a lovechild’ (by FadoDreamer on STITCHER)

An engaging storyteller who fuses insight, adventure, and slick spirituality into one dish, to surprisingly tasty results. The big thing for me is that it doesn’t SOUND like the slew tinny/mono casts out there — the mix and music of B&tS make for a really rich experience.


Brooke Burgess