I’ve been teasing a cool little stop-motion animation project for many months now – time to finally spill the beans!


I was approached to design the campaign with Saskatchewan’s Hulo Films early last year.  My goal was to create an engaging, immersive Flash-based transmedia campaign that encourages young visitors from around the world to experience the Gemini (Canadian Emmys!) award-winning children’s series Wapos Bay.

Lots to see and do on multiple screens (think oldschool point-and-click adventure games) including reactive animations, production blogs and social media, and HEAPS of video treats from the 4 seasons of TV – so get clicking!!!

Visit WaposBay.com, or Talon might get pissed...

From the official press release:

“Developed by transmedia producers Ryan Lockwood and Brooke Burgess (Broken Saints),
WaposBay.com has over 70 viral videos and compelling stop-motion interactivity, and is richly infused
with the Cree language and traditions. At the Wapos Bay Blog, fans of the show, industry colleagues and
animators alike can step behind the scenes to experience the making of the show. And lastly, a kart racer
game will be coming out next fall, with the help of Tony Walsh and his team at Phantom Compass. Fans can
experience Wapos Bay by racing through the streets as their favourite character in a custom handmade