I haven’t posted here in a while. Internet issues? Travel snafus? Panicked personal distractions? Something huge happening on the global stage?

My friends, it ain’t easy being a ‘digital nomad’ on the best of days. And now COVID-19 has loudly proclaimed ‘Hold my beer…’

Maybe the latest travel story from Conde Nast — featuring yours truly — can shed some light on the latest from my quiet corner of the globe:


In Case You Needed Another Reason to Cross the World...

Quarantine in Paradise — there are worse prisons…

Canadian writer Brooke Burgess, 49, who has lived in Southeast Asia for some time, chose to take a similar approach, heading to an isolated hotel called The Hideout on Thailand’s Koh Yao Noi island, rather than flying home to Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Right now there’s another guest, but it fluctuates between one to three of the four villas being booked on any given day,” he says.

“Everyone is understandably nervous about the future, particularly [the economy], along with elderly and vulnerable family members. That said, at least so far, they all seem overjoyed to find an oasis to unwind, vent a little, and even laugh at the absurdity of the world in its current state.”

Credit to MARK ELLWOOD for the Conde Nast nod. You can read the entire piece here.



In the Meantime…

Quarantine blues? Toilet paper shortages? Netflix and corona-chill lost its lustre? Stir crazy with no end in sight?

Then it’s time to dive into some binge-worthy BB adventures that are guaranteed to blow some minds and lift some spirits

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