Howdy friends — after a summer grind in Europe and an eye-opening Moroccan adventure, I’m back on the mend in Southeast Asia and wanted to fill you in on the ups, downs, and all-arounds. Such is the life of a ‘digital nomad’, right? And with the holiday season looming like some red-nosed and tinsel-toothed beast, I’d better get on it now before 2016 swallows me whole.

  • Most of the summer was spent jamming madly with the Berlin maestro to polish The Cat’s Maw Audio Experience to a glorious shine. Turns out it was worth the proverbial blood and tears (it was too cold to sweat in Germany!)— narrator deity David Kaye was just awarded Best Male Narrator (K-12) at the 2016 Voice Arts Awards! We sincerely hope that you’ll give it a listen (in HD, please) and slip our spellbinding 8hrs of earhole magic into a cat-lover’s digital stocking this Xmas.


  • And speaking of cats…I received some very sad news regarding my feline beloved a few weeks back. Not sure if the post made it out to subscribers due to a WordPress glitch, so I hope you’ll take 15-20 minutes to read this heartfelt tribute. Quinn touched my life more profoundly than any soul—two or four-legged—that has padded across my ragged path. I hope to do a series of (shockingly true) short stories from our slumbering adventures soon. She whispered in a daydream, suggesting I call them ‘QUINN-CEPTIONS’. This is perfect beyond reckoning.


  • This spanky new website that you’re viewing now launched right before I zipped off to Morocco in September (scope my Insta for some snaps). Pretty nifty timing, considering the near-simultaneous announcement of OZ: Broken Kingdom at the iPhone 7 event. After a year+ of secretive scribbling in digital nomad spots around the globe, there are now millions of RPG fans, PvP freaks, and yellow-brick loyalists experiencing this surprisingly faithful (and free!) addition to Baum’s Oz canon. The game is updating regularly with fresh quests, event challenges, new characters, and even more campaign chapters before year’s end!


  • My six weeks in Morocco was a crazy mix of medieval markets, desert delights, and potent parasites of the pooping kind. That said, I made a small dream come true near the coastal town of Taghazout by enrolling in a surfing camp — Zen Surf, to be precise. They took very good care of this wayward digital nomad, fed me well (you can’t beat a homemade tagine after shivering all day in the Atlantic), and actually got my rickety ass off the board and wobbling atop some waves. Highly recommended for those craving an affordable seaside escape + serious physical challenge + singular cultural adventure!

  • I was planning on doing a review of The Secret History of Twin Peaks audiobook, but to do so would require spoilers. Disappointing spoilers, to be honest. Suffice to say, the performances were mixed (Jerry Horne and Agent Cooper were the only standouts), the production was limited (What…no Badalamenti soundtrack? Criminal!), and the contents played fast and loose with established canon. Fingers crossed that next spring’s long-awaited Season 3 (with Lynch at the helm, goddammit!) won’t go all flaccid on us Peakers, son…

  • And finally, it’d surely be remiss of me to let the 10th Anniversary of the BROKEN SAINTS 4-DVD worldwide release from FOX slide without a mention. Sure — you can still snag it here, or even watch the whole shebang on the toobs — but holy shit…can you believe a decade has passed since these freaks rocked the Con?