PLATFORM:  iOS and Android

DEVELOPMENT TIMEFRAME:  2015 (with a Summer 2016 release)

Working hand in (devil-horned) hand with the digital alchemists at Roadhouse Interactive and 50cc Games — and the heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN!!! — I mined decades of the band’s trademark lore, lyrics, and imagery to create the high-concept story pitch and full-blown narrative treatment for this genre-busting mobile action/RPG title.


You’re the immortal force of Balance and righteous Vengeance – EDDIE (The Head). You rest on the edge of all Space and Time until something reaches out – STRINGS OF ENERGY – piercing your essence, and filling your mind with fierce imagery. Terrible FACES. Conflict. Bloodshed. Are these your MEMORIES, or some awful portent? The flashes come faster, until a demonic FACE mocks you with beastly laughter…

You explode!

Countless SHARDS of your being scatter across Reality, burning as they fall. One crashes in a dark countryside (WICKERMAN WORLD), making a smoking crater. You drag yourself from the hole, and are surrounded by beings in robes and masks – PAGAN MINIONS. They advance with clubs and blades. One in an Owl Mask (PAGAN LEADER) speaks:

It is as HE promised, brothers. The dark power is ours for the taking!!!”

 They attack, but are no match for you — even in this weakened state. You quickly beat them down and spot an amber glow on the forested horizon. In the distant flames and smoke you glimpse a FACE smoldering the night sky.

You push across the countryside, sensing the fire holds answers. You dispatch more and climb towards a PAGAN VILLAGE. Before you reach the gates, a hooded woman steps from the shadows – THE CLAIRVOYANT. She offers a warning:

I felt your rage, as if we are CONNECTED across worlds. Gather back your fearsome power, or else it shall used by Another…and doom us all to the VOID.

 The woman disappears. You enter the Village and fight your way towards a raging bonfire. The PAGAN MASTER in a goat-horned mask stands with arms raised, chanting to the flames:

WOE to he who stands against the coming darkness!!!”

 You clash with the Leader, and feel your power surge as the leader collapses in defeat. GLOWING STRINGS rise from his form into the flames. You look up, and see the strings attached to a GHOSTLY HAND above the fire.

You hear familiar laughter, and know that the real Enemy is within reach…

TO BE CONTINUED IN-GAME:  www.ironmaidenlegacy.com