VOL 2 in The Shadowland Saga

The sequel to my acclaimed, award-winning debut novel: The Cat’s Maw

Whispers from beyond the veil have been a long time coming…

…and you’re just gonna have to wait a little longer.

Is it out of fear? Procrastination? Laziness? Writer’s block? Perfectionism? Typical ‘life’ distractions gumming up the gears?

All of the above, I reckon. But there’s an unexpected reason it’s taken so long to muster the confidence to dive back into this epic story. I think this featured review of Shadowland VOL 1 (The Cat’s Maw) sums it up best:

‘Kids will enjoy it. Adults will LOVE it.’

— KIRKUS Reviews

So many parents (and book-loving adults) have mentioned this in their reviews, or gotten in touch with similar sentiments. They say that this tale — its style and themes and poetic leanings and tangible darkness atop a spiritual message just waiting to shine through — they say it feels ‘timeless’. That it feels like a story from their own childhoods that was lost or forgotten or overlooked somehow, resurfacing in their lives now…

Right when they needed it most. When they were ready to receive it.

They said it made them feel 10 again.

That it made them scared, and sad, and excited, and angry, and overjoyed, and filled with ache and wonder.

Just like the series’ protagonist. Just like Billy Brahm. Just like I felt when I was writing it.

I’ve taken this to heart as I sit down to pen the follow-up in earnest.

I’m reminding myself each day that this strange, and spooky, and mystical journey I’m on is for a special kind of person…

It’s for YOU. And it’s for ME.

This story is for those kids at heart

…who long to remember.