I ain’t about the commerce, folks. The whole ‘Black Friday’ thing creeps me out something fierce, and is right at the top of my list when it comes to proof of the imminent collapse of civilization.

Maybe I’m just biased. As a wayward digital nomad (going on five years now) it makes absolutely zero sense for me to get weighted down by ‘stuff’ — the lighter my pack feels, the lighter I feel. When friends ask me what I want for birthdays or Xmas? I tell ’em to write me a poem. Share a personal triumph. Snap a sassy pic. Visit an animal shelter in my name. Or, if they’re absolutely obsessed with sending me something physical? Baked goods, please…’cause I can make ’em disappear. 😀

But that’s just how I roll these days. Because I used to be a certifiably crazy collector. A completist.

I had to have every Lynch film…every Gaiman story…every Miyamoto game…every Radiohead B-side.

And don’t even get me started on The Prisoner and Twin Peaks merch!

This post is for you, my fellow hunters — for friends and fans who need to catch ’em all.


  1. BROKEN SAINTS: The Animated Comic Epic (4-DVD set = $5.99 or less!)
Psychedelic Apocalypse Anime = Merry Christmas!

Psychedelic Cyber-Epic = Merry Goddamn Christmas!

2. BECOMING (96pg Graphic Novel = $14.99 or less!)

Psychological horror for the philosophy undergrad in us all ;-)

Psych-horror and ‘academic torture porn’ for the philosophy undergrad in us all 😉

3. DANCE OF THE WHITE TIGER (E- Book Screenplay = $0.99 or less!)

Muay Thai Motion Picture Mayhem!

Sex and Drugs and Badass French Chicks = Muay Thai Motion Picture Mayhem!

4. THE CAT’S MAW (Paperback/eBook/Audio Experience = from $1.99 to just $12.99!!!)


5. OZ: Broken Kingdom (Mobile RPG = Free-to-Play!!!)

Lions and Scarecrows and Tin Men and Darkness and Emo and Southeast Asian Girl Power, OH MY!!!

Lions and Scarecrows and Tin Men and Girl Power, OH MY!!!