I was recently brought on board to take a pass at the establishing scene for a yet-to-be-announced mobile story game, along the lines of the blockbuster (uggh) Kim Kardashian titles.

My ticket straight to Hell...

Somebody’s implant-assed ticket straight to Hell…

The hook? Instead of focusing on hard-earned sex-tape celebrity—plus swapping tips on the best eyebrow shaping outlets and botox clinics—this game would be focused on an ingenue’s rise in the music industry.

The client wanted:

  • Crisp, witty, super tight/short dialogue
  • very basic dialogue branch options
  • over-the-top NPC characters ie: archetypes
  • conversations that trigger music-related ‘game tasks’
  • the ‘young dreamer who starts with nothing’ trope

And here’s what I sent their way — a fun game-related exercise, all things considered!


In this opening scene, we meet our wide-eyed wannabe — she (PLAYER) is fresh off the bus from small-town USA, after fortune smiled upon her with a prime busking spot at Santa Monica Pier, just outside of LA.

As scads of tourists mill about, and the pier’s famous Ferris Wheel turns in the background, our girl sets her guitar case down and surveys the scene. She’s nervous as she opens the case, blissfully unaware of the date with musical destiny strutting down the promenade towards her…

(NOTE: For interactive projects, I write the first drafts to be scalable — this ensures that easy trimming or expansion to design/tech requirements. BB)


You’re standing in casual clothes with a scuffed ACOUSTIC GUITAR near the entrance to the Pier’s Promenade. Looking around sheepishly and wiping away some nervous sweat, you strum a few test chords. And that’s when things get crazy…

A crowd of SILHOUETTES slides into the scene and flashbulbs begin popping around you as international superstar LADY BLAH-BLAH ENTERS SCREEN-RIGHT. She is wearing gargantuan bagel-shaped sunglasses and an absurd leafy-green sundress, and flicks her wrist in casual disdain at the paparazzi.

Her assistant (BLAIR) is a buttoned-down young man with slicked back hair, a navy blazer, and a perpetual ‘toothpaste commercial grin’. He’s all business as his blurred thumbs tap on an oversized smartphone:


            LADY BLAH-BLAH (Grandiose)

            People, please…I need QUIET!

            The Muse is about to speak with me…

        BLAIR (LA cheesy)

            You heard the Lady…it’s magic time.

             Phones on vibrate! Hashtag #spectacular


         LADY BLAH-BLAH (Urgent)

          You there, with the guitar and the…hair.

      I need an F. A funky F. Can you bring it?


       Oh my god…I’d be honoured!


  Of course you are.

       Now…try to keep up with me!


    Sure. But what do I get for it?


       A front-row seat to Greatness.


{GAMEPLAY TASK: Play rhythm/backing for Lady Blah-Blah}

Lady Blah-Blah points to the end of the pier and freestyles a song — ‘Love is like a Ferris Wheel’. She finishes, and the crowd eats it up. Applause and flashbulbs.


That was fantastic, boss. Hashtag #fantastic!

LADY BLAH-BLAH (self-satisfied)

Book the studio, Blaine…

I smell platinum.

BLAIR (still grinning)

It’s, uhh, Blair. And we need the girl to sign a

release first, waiving any songwriting credit…

LADY BLAH-BLAH (annoyed)

Nonsense! How do we know she can even write a song?!

You there, with the…face. Have you? Written a song?


Yes I have! Would you like to hear it?


Go ahead. Impress me…


As good as that last thing you call a ‘song’.

LADY BLAH-BLAH (smirking)


I hope you sing better than you dress.

{GAMEPLAY TASK: Play an original song for Lady Blah-Blah}



Hmmm. Not bad…

   Text the Beach House, Blake!


It’s still Blair, boss.

Well, lady, looks like it’s your lucky day…

 (typing furiously)

         You’re booked to play brunch on Venice Beach.

       Try not to embarrass yourself.

LADY BLAH-BLAH (Fussing w/dress)

Enough!! We must go to Whole Foods!

I think I’m wilting…

BLAIR (still grinning)

I’m on it!

  Hashtag #kaleonsale