With just a few days left in my latest Vancouver visit, I got a chance to sit down for a LIVE interview and career retrospective @ Vancouver Film School.

And the icing on the cake? It was with old chum and creator/producer/host (+ damn fine fella, to be sure) of The Electric Playground — VICTOR LUCAS!

For a couple of decades now I’ve been literally bumping into Vic at Comicon. Or sparring on interactive storytelling panels in some far-flung corner of Greater Canuckistan. Or swapping diet tips at videogame awards shows. And each time we cross paths it feels strangely ‘fated’, until we go our separate ways feeling supercharged, grateful for the genuine connection, and measurably more handsome.

And March 13th’s wildly random interview was NO different!

You can scope all 25min in the embed abovelovingly rendered in 1080p/60fps if you’ve always yearned to spelunk in my goddamn pores — and get some wicked anecdotes plus the giggle-filled skinny on a slew of new stuff:

  • Beetle Adventure Racing and Need for Speed
  • Moving to Vancouver w/ Hollywood dreams
  • TWO frickin’ videogame stores + EA stories
  • Motion Comics + THIS OLD THING
  • Storytelling on the Move, Buddhas (and S***s)
  • Pitches and pilots for a couple of travel shows
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • The first public mention…of our ROCK OPERA?!?